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Around Town – Compassionate Toilets, Treasure Hunters, Boarded-Up Storefronts and More

January 27, 2023

Highlights and lowlights from another stroll around town:

1. Hang your towel to dry while waiting for the bus . . .

2. The Walter Sendzik Compassion™ Commode is nearly ready to open. Welcoming for all. And once it’s ready, I’m sure the clientele will be respectful and follow the posted guidelines by not smoking, limiting their stays to 20 minutes and keeping the place tidy. Or not.


3. Not long after this dipshit stopped at the bins to forage for buried treasure, someone in an SUV pulled up to the curb alongside her. Though she was dutifully wearing her mask while riding her bike to protect herself from rogue airborne viruses, she promptly took it off when the driver rolled down his window and leaned in to bellyache to the driver in a lengthy oratory that could be heard from half a block away.

4. Who wouldn’t want to be seen in this T-shirt?

5. Does this restaurant owner realize how dumb they look by keeping this ridiculous sign in their window?

6. The thriving downtown core . . .


7. Aren’t you glad your mother didn’t feel this way?

8. Now who says there aren’t any quality accommodations downtown?

9. Nothing quite says “Welcome Friends” like a couple of sheets of plywood nailed to the front door . . .


10. Moving day for another community resident bum . . .

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