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Around Town – Naloxone Kits, Hoarder Houses, Trash Bags and More

January 23, 2023

Highlights and lowlights from a stroll around town:

1. A straggly bum wearing a reflective vest rolled his wheelchair out of a bus shelter to yell at me from across the street, asking if I had seen the bus. So he can see me from across the street, but he can’t see a bus?

2. Someone had obviously used a naloxone kit inside this bus shelter . . .

Interestingly, part of this kit includes a reminder from the province that the Good Samaritan Act protects people who call 911 and others present during an overdose from being charged with simple possession, pre-trial release charges, probation order, conditional sentence or simple possession parole violations. But does someone so badly strung out on drugs really care? And does such a person have enough mental capacity to even call 911?

3. Or just let the law of natural selection run its course . . .

4. Not far from the above scene was a house with a porch chock full of cardboard boxes from Amazon and other mail-order retailers. Methinks that was a hoarder house.

5. Obviously irresponsible dog owners are a problem in this neighborhood . . .

5a. Someone I know back in the O.C. who lived in a prime area for this kind of thing once scooped up a dog’s waste with a shovel, followed the owner home and left it on their doorstep.

6. Plenty of the white stuff in front of Kelsey’s near Fairview Mall. There’s also some snow around.

7. Just dump your trash in a bus shelter . . .

8. If the shoe fits . . .

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