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Ode to a Poison Bus

January 16, 2023

The GO-VAXX bus is still on its daily route
Despite the fact that demand for the poison has bottomed out

It opened an hour before eleven
For anyone wanting the booster to heaven

Once again, there was nary a taker
Seems like no one else is in a hurry to meet their maker

In the lot is a black car, perhaps driven by a nurse
It would have been too obvious if they used a hearse

In case any would-be customers had questions to ask
The guy behind the wheel was sure to wear a mask

Perhaps he wanted to hide his face and his smile
In case he’d be implicated in a future war crimes trial

All the lefties applaud, thinking it’s cool
While the bus idles for hours and needlessly burns up fuel

They keep pushing the narrative, by now it must be a chore
Because no one is listening anymore

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