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The Egyptian River

January 9, 2023

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Sadly, the number of people with heart issues or who drop dead unexpectedly continues to pile up. No more so than athletes. Since the introduction of the so-called “vaccines,” the rate of sudden cardiac death is a staggering 46.4/month, compared with 2.4/month in prior years dating back to 1966. There is only one plausible explanation and it’s not climate change. You don’t need an M.D. after your name to figure it out. Only a blind fool could suggest otherwise.


The injections are clearly not safe. Think about it. Does the government have to spend hundreds of millions of your money to tell you that, say, antibiotics are safe? Or that your blood pressure medication is safe? And the fact that this virus is still a thing despite the fact that, as the government claims, 80-90% of the world’s population has taken this drug that’s supposedly 95% effective is proof that it really isn’t effective.

Yet despite the mountain of evidence all pointing in the same direction, amazingly, there remain holdouts who either can’t or just don’t want to face the harsh reality staring them in the face that several billion people have been taken for a ride. Such as a friend of mine. Let’s call her Sally.

Sally and I go back a ways. We were colleagues for a time. We’ve maintained a friendly relationship ever since. She was my first friend on Facebook.

But ever since our government declared war against us, she’s been firmly on the side of the aggressors. And she still is. She’s been openly critical of some of my posts. She thinks I’ve been brainwashed. Which is fine. Some may argue this point, but I do have tolerance for opposing viewpoints. I have many friends who are on the opposite side of the political spectrum and answered the government’s clarion call to be part of the biggest medical experiment mankind has ever known. One of them even posted a shot of himself wearing a T-shirt proudly telling the world of his participation in said experiment. Though that post is hardly aging well, we’re still on cordial terms.

But Sally took it one step too far when she stuck a TikTok video in my inbox. From what I saw of it, the guy in the video was all but calling free thinkers like me idiots. In effect, she was calling me an idiot. And this was after what happened on Monday Night Football when Damar Hamlin did the Pfizer Flop in front of millions of viewers.

At that point, I had no choice but to block her. It hurt me to do it, not just because of our past history, but because I know the government is what has driven a wedge between us. Divide and conquer.

Sadly, Sally remains one of many stuck on a raft aimlessly floating down an Egyptian river.


Though I never expect to hear from her again, I hope the same thing that happened to Damar Hamlin doesn’t happen to her.

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