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Random Thoughts – Ron Bunio, Dumping Twitter, Erin O’Scheer and More

January 26, 2021

1. Belated condolences to the family of Ron Bunio, the former Jets Booster Club executive who recently passed away. As I came to realize while going through old issues of the Jet Stream, mere words cannot possibly do justice to the level of dedication shown by Bunio and others in the club as they took on the role of being the team’s de facto PR department. At their own expense.

2. For those wondering what happened to my presence on Twitter, I joined many others in abandoning the platform and deleting my account. I hadn’t been very active on Twitter much lately anyway, but with recent events, I needed to make a statement. After deleting the account, they said they were sorry to see me go. Somehow I don’t believe them.

3. There are no words that can adequately describe my level of disappointment in the weakness shown by the Conservative Party and its leader. My hopes weren’t necessarily high following Erin O’Toole’s accession to the leadership, but I thought he would at least represent a slight improvement over Andrew Scheer. Instead, just as it did under Scheer, the party is cementing itself as the Blue Liberals. Afraid, on the defensive and doomed to drift in the political wilderness until they figure it out. If they ever do.

3a. I was initially disappointed when Maxime Bernier left the Conservative Party and founded the PPC as I didn’t want to see the conservative vote being split. It’s a different story these days, as the PPC is the only federal party offering a truly conservative platform. And one that will keep growing as the CPC abandons its principles and supporters.

3b. Sadly, the so-called “Conservative” Party still sees Bernier as more of a threat than Justin Trudeau. Another reason for their extended stay in the political wilderness.

4. One has to wonder what kind of bubble Doug “Destroy the village to save it” Ford has been living in over the past year. As he continues to escalate hostilities in his unholy war against his own people, he might be the only one in the province unaware of just how unpopular he has become with everyone across the political spectrum. Those on the radical left cheering on the war would never vote for him under any circumstances and those who actively campaigned for him now want him ousted in the worst way. Whereas Ford received more than 2.3 million votes in the last provincial election, in 17 months time, he’ll be lucky to get 2.3 thousand votes. That is, assuming we are allowed to vote again. An issue I mentioned in a lengthy email to MPP Sam Oosterhoff some months ago and one he did not address.

4a. If Ford thinks he has a snowball’s chance in hell of winning by turning his back on his most ardent supporters, he might want to give fellow socialist Greg Selinger a call. You remember, the former Manitoba premier who made himself such a toxic presence that he barely survived a leadership vote within his own party near the end of the NDP’s last term in office. And who went on to lead his party to a very predictable and catastrophic defeat in the next general election. One that will seem tame when compared to the one that awaits Ford. See Mulroney, Brian.

5. On that front, I have recently joined the Ontario Libertarian Party, which is now the biggest non-socialist party in the province. My core beliefs have not changed. But the parties I have been supporting certainly have. I just wish the OLP would stop referring to the current government as the “Ford Conservatives.” A better term would be the Doug Ford Party, as they’ve simply stopped being conservative.

5a. For those former Doug Ford Party supporters looking for a place to park a vote, I would also suggest checking out the New Blue Party, recently founded by Jim and Belinda Karahalios.

6. For those wondering, the WHA Hall of Fame is no closer to being resurrected than it was in the immediate aftermath of Tim Gassen’s untimely passing nearly 14 months ago. Quite the contrary, the prospects of any sort of revival have never been more bleak. Some of you may have noticed that the domain has even been taken over by a domain squatter. I would have happily taken it over myself and have been honored to carry his banner forward. Yet I, as the only living person to have worked on the site, was never given that opportunity. All I can do at this point is proceed independently with the website material I have. And my resolve to keep it going has never been stronger as the disinterest of others only serves to inspire me.

7. I’ve been getting some good use out of my action camera lately, and for anyone looking to see scenes around the city and region, I encourage you to check out my YouTube channel.

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