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Garbage Day – Soft Drink Wars, Yakitori Chicken, Dental Hygiene Textbooks and More

January 5, 2021

Things I learned from a stroll around the neighborhood on garbage day:

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1. Among the gifts Santa left under the tree over the holidays was a stationary bike, a Canon printer, a writing desk and a percussion massage gun.

2. One of my neighbors down the street had quite a hankering for strawberries. Another neighbor’s dog has a taste for Milk-Bone.

3. Though still the winner among discarded soft drink cans, Coke’s popularity has taken a nosedive, replaced by Canada Dry ginger ale and Bubly, which apparently is some sort of flavored sparkling water.

4. Someone celebrated the holidays with a big box of President’s Choice Yakitori Chicken. Which apparently is some sort of Japanese skewered chicken.

5. Someone waited far too long to change their furnace filter, which was an unsightly dark shade of gray.

6. Perhaps the strangest thing I’ve seen at the curb for quite some time were stacks of dental hygiene textbooks.

7. Equally strange was a bumper sticker from Waste Management. Not on a garbage truck, but on a car.

8. There weren’t many beer bottles at the curb, but there were certainly plenty of bottles of wine and hard liquor to be found. I never knew how much my neighbor down the street and his daughter liked wine, and across the street, someone had a big box from “Girls Night Out Wines.” Elsewhere, one family had multiple bottles of Crown Royal in their blue box. While I appreciate their support of a prominent Gimli-based business, methinks they have a problem with alcohol and should be seeking professional help. I’ve become more sensitive to such things after having attended the funeral of a colleague’s brother who drank himself to death.

8a. I fondly remember a time before the war when the government allowed us to hold and attend funerals.

9. There weren’t many cereal boxes to be found, but one family had a large box of Raisin Bran and another had a case of Rice Krispies.

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