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On the Road – Free Goodies, Mistaken Identity, Community Residents and More

November 23, 2020

Highlights and lowlights from a stroll on both sides of the escarpment:

1. Free television and luggage . . .

2. Free articles of clothing . . .


3. Assorted goodies for the taking . . .

4. If one didn’t know better, you’d think there were no public garbage receptacles anywhere in the region.

5. Early construction photos of Niagara Taxpayers Arena:


5a. Anyone recall being asked if we wanted the Canada Summer Games, the official reason for building this facility?

5b. Why is there a Canada Summer Games?

6. Free food left outside the Green Apple, a recently opened and soon to be closed restaurant in downtown St. Catharines:

7. One community resident bum who had availed himself of one of these parcels of food was seated nearby puffing away on a cigarette I probably paid for. Explain to me again why I should feel sorry for such people.

8. Not long after taking the above picture, I was asked by someone if I was a bylaw officer. I’m still laughing over that one.

9. Christmas art . . .

10. You dirty rat . . .

11. Free orange, mostly intact:

12. With security officers now shooing the community residents bums away from the Central Library Lavatory grounds, they’ve now taken up residence around the corner outside the former Gord’s restaurant, taking shelter in the entranceways and leaving all their worldly belongings in carts strewn all over the sidewalk. This morning, no less than five of them were sprawled out between the library lavatory and the Tim Hortons at the corner.

13. Some organization (ie. government agency) has apparently assigned itself the task of reaching out to the community residents bums as two little goody two-shoes with identification tags dangling from their jackets were going from community resident bum to community resident bum, spending the most time with one who seemed quite content to pass the time curled up underneath a blanket. Yet that failed to deter the aforementioned pair, who asked him all sorts of questions and informed him of the various social services at his disposal, taking copious notes every step of the way. Just so they could go back to their office and pat themselves on the back over having done their good deed for the day, completely oblivious to a pair of inconvenient truths:

  • There are those who choose to live on the street.
  • The answer to their problems, just like for the rest of us, is less government, not more.
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