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Around Town – Window Shooters, Free PPE, Discarded Rice and More

November 20, 2020

Highlights and lowlights from another interesting stroll around town:

1. If love hurts for T.M. & K.P. so badly that they feel the need to etch their difficulties in concrete for all to see, they need to seriously consider going their separate ways.

2. Watch out for an Acme delivery truck . . .

3. Window shooting? What is this city coming to?

3a. No, the two-wheeled offender is not me.

4. Spotted this morning at Lakeside Park in Port Dalhousie was a film crew unloading equipment from their van that included a microphone, tripod, camera and a case of toilet paper from Costco. Perhaps they were doing a documentary on gastrointestinal problems?

5. Free winter wear . . .

6. Free personal protective equipment . . .

7. Spotted this morning were a pair of cyclists headed north on a busy bike-lane-challenged Ontario Street riding side by side. No doubt they are among those who scream the loudest about cyclists not getting respect on the road.

8. I’m guessing the order from Cobs Bread fell below the customer’s expectations . . .

9. More cringe-worthy scenes outside the St. Catharines Public Library Lavatory:


10. Also outside the St. Catharines Public Library Lavatory were a couple of dudes sitting on their walkers while shooting the breeze and puffing away on cigarettes I probably paid for. One of them was bemoaning how he was up every half hour and that he’s going to have to line something up for tomorrow.

11. Among this particular pile of junk near the St. Catharines Public Library Lavatory was this bag of long grain white rice. Oddly, it is the second such bag I’ve seen discarded in the past couple of weeks in the core area, the other coming outside the pharmacy on Queenston Street just a block away from Positive Living Niagara.

12. Do they really charge you to park in the downtown core? They should pay you to go there.

13. From the boxes left out on the curb on garbage day, is there anyone who lives on or around Queenston Street who does not own a cat?

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