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Around Town – Froot Loops, Downtown Adventures and More

November 27, 2020

Highlights and lowlights from a Black Friday stroll around town:

1. Munch on some Froot Loops while waiting for the bus . . .

2. More free bus stop goodies . . .

3. Free mattress. Slight wear.

4. Don’t lecture me, save it for the politicians . . .

5. As the St. Catharines Downtown Association says, Do More in the Core . . .


6. Overheard on the grounds of the St. Catharines Public Library Lavatory was a conversation between a community resident- bum-in-training and another of the goody two-shoes/self-appointed Guardians of the Community Residents Bums. The young woman patiently listed to the community resident bum, who kept rambling on, “So you think I’m stupid . . . someone, like, stole $500 from me . . . someone got assaulted . . . as long as I’m alive . . . like, I’m not a wiener . . . they’re like, ‘oh shut up’ . . .” before offering to send him some stuff from the Salvation Army and saying, “Sorry, that should never happen.” And while all this was going on, another community resident bum was perched on a bench while staring at a piece of paper and chewing on the sleeve on his jacket. Our downtown never fails to provide plenty of, ahem, entertainment value.

7. I’m hoping these flags in front of the police station are flying at half-mast on account of what happened in Etobicoke the other day with a SWAT team dispatched to arrest a restaurant owner who dared to open his doors in defiance of his tyrannical government.

8. Was someone looking to make a statement by dumping these uneaten freezer meals and bread at the curb instead of tossing them in the green bucket?

9. Is the post so hot that you need an oven mitt to handle it?

10. I noted these stickers plastered on Niagara Street at the QEW overpass with considerable interest. You see, they understand that, unlike our mayor, who stuck us with a $4 million bill for putting up those suicide-prevention barriers on the Burgoyne Bridge, there are all kinds of such bridges in St. Catharines and across the region from where a troubled soul could just as easily make a fatal jump if he or she was so inclined.

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