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Failing to Learn from History

November 11, 2020

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As governments around the globe continue to wage a war of aggression against their own people under the guise of protecting them from a flu virus (your daily reminder that COVID is not the bubonic plague), I am reminded of the U.S. government’s lengthy and messy involvement in Vietnam.

Initially, the Americans came with the best and most honorable of intentions. They were defending the cause of freedom. They were coming to the aid of an ally. But instead of helping the floundering government and winning the hearts and minds™ of the already war-weary Vietnamese, they increasingly resorted to heavy-handed military options to solve problems in a land with a culture completely foreign to them that they made no effort to understand. B-52’s. Agent Orange. Operation Rolling Thunder.

Oh, they racked up a hell of a lot of enemy kills, all right. Wiped out a good portion of the country, in fact. But all it did was turn the Vietnamese against them. And the Communists are still there despite all the blood spilled on all sides.

Fast forward to present day where a flu virus has been spreading around the globe.

A common-sense approach would be to promote healthier lifestyles. Getting active. Vitamin D. Help your own immune system fight it off. But how do governments react? With an iron fist. Constitutional rights? Bah! You want freedom? You’re just being selfish!

Yet just like in Vietnam, the “military” option is destroying far more lives than they claim to be “saving.” And as far as the virus is concerned, they’re not doing much to curb its spread either. But instead of backtracking and looking to places like Sweden as an example, they keep tightening the screws. Just look at Patrick “Do as I say, not as I do” Brown, Brampton’s regional commissar (I can’t believe I actually voted for him for the leadership of the Ontario PC Party), who’s all giddy these days about getting federal funding for a isolation concentration camp in the Peel Region. If you ask me, he should be the first detainee. But I digress. They’re also fond of shifting the blame to us. As if it’s our fault that they got us into this ditch.

They can’t fathom the possibility that they’ve been horribly wrong. That they, not the virus, are responsible for the chaos and economic devastation all around us that will outlive the virus by years, if not decades.

As they say, those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

P.S.: Those who trade liberty for safety get neither. Think about it.

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