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Breakfast with MPs James Bezan and Rob Nicholson

August 25, 2019

Takeaways from yesterday's CPC event, featuring a breakfast with MPs James Bezan and Rob Nicholson:

1. While waiting outside the banquet room, to my surprise, Krystina Waler actually recognized me from our one and only meeting, which took place at her campaign office. This is a small town.

2. Also to my surprise, one party volunteer not only recognized me, but noted how she has seen me around town, not just at party events. Once again, this is a small town.

3. Krystina's choice to wear an oversized night shirt that went down to her knees was interesting. Perhaps Saturday was laundry day and she didn't have any pants or a skirt available.

4. When checking in, I had more difficulty getting through to the volunteer behind the counter than I did when ordering at the A & W at Place Ste-Foy in a language I'm hardly fluent in.

5. Dear Holiday Inn: Please consider keeping the hot water in a dispenser that you don't use for coffee. If I wanted a coffee-tasting hot beverage, I'd have just opted for the coffee.

6. Rather than replace or repair their inventory of dilapidated chairs, the Holiday Inn prefers to simply cover them up with black drapes and hope no one notices the state they're in.

7. Whereas I'm more of a Canon guy, Krystina's brother, Mark, her photograhper, prefers Nikon.

8. The guy who sat down at my table before the proceedings began thought the upcoming breakfast was “exciting,” but after getting through the buffet line, I didn't quite share his enthusiasm. It was a poor excuse for the most important meal of the day, with the potatoes being the lowlight of the offerings. Coyote urine is to be used for deterring pests such as raccoons and skunks, not to fry and season potatoes with.

9. That same guy quite accurately described the Liberals as “pretty (expletive) stupid” and spoke glowingly of Krystina and how she wants to help people. I suggested that the biggest thing she can do to help people is to do her part to get rid of the Liberals. Which she certainly is doing.

9a. Later, when going up on stage to ask a question, he said his back hurt because he was getting screwed by the Liberals.

10. Before the proceedings began, they played a recording of O Canada, played entirely in the Canadian language and with the correct (ie. non-Liberal) wording, then someone came to the front to say grace. It was the ultimate proof that I didn't end up in a Liberal meeting by mistake.

11. It wasn't quite a full house, but among the more notable attendees besides the guests of honor were Mike Britton, Bruce Timms, Sandie Bellows, Leanna Villella, April Jeffs and Tony Baldinelli (pictured below), the newly christened CPC candidate for Niagara Falls.

12. Also at my table was a group of Muslims originally from Iran who were speaking Persian. One was from St. Catharines, one was from Toronto, and another was from Ottawa. They explained to me that they have a strong belief in the Conservative Party and want to take down this Liberal government. When the Liberals start losing the Muslim vote, you know Team Trudeau is in trouble.

13. Krystina introduced James Bezan as being from “Friendly Manitoba,” but if that moniker had any degree of truth to it, I'd still be living there.

14. After accurately describing both Chris Bittle and Vance Badawey as smug and arrogant, Bezan told us a joke about three surgeons debating about what's their favorite type of patient to operate on. One said plumbers were his favorite since all you have to do is reconnect the parts, while the other said electricians were his favorite since you just have to match up the green to the green and red to the red and you're all done. The third, however, said that his favorites were Liberals, since they have no spine, no guts and their heads and butts were interchangeable. It would probably have drawn more applause if it wasn't so true.

15. Bezan made a point to trash the People's Party and wondered where that moniker came from since all their policies come from Max (Maxime Bernier). No, James, those policies came from disenfranchised Conservatives, nearly half of whom voted for Bernier as their leader, who have seen their party turn into Liberal-lite under Andrew Scheer. See Brown, Patrick for further reference.

16. As part of the discussion, I learned that the Canadian Forces have been forced to turn away men willing to step up and serve their country because they don't meet the diversity/gender quotas set by the Liberals. What a sorry state of affairs.

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