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Over the River LIV

August 24, 2019

Highlights and pictures from my 54th two-wheeled trip to the Great State of New York:

1. Dear Niagara Parks: I realize I was there a little early, but would it trouble you to open the public washrooms by the Hornblower? Even at that hour, I was hardly the only one around and we are still very much in the high season for tourists.

2. Scenes from Beaver Island State Park, located at the south end of Grand Island:






3. While at Beaver Island State Park, a man named Salvatore who noticed that I was taking pictures approached me and we struck up a long conversation. After asking if I was a “photo artist,” he began bemoaning that there were 7,000 dying ash trees in the park and wondering where the environmentalists were. Forget the environmentalists, I was wondering where Google has been. So little of the island, officially part of the state's second-largest metro area, has been covered on Google Earth, yet they have been through all the streets in little Whitemouth, SPRM, a hamlet so small you really could blink your eyes and miss when driving by.

Salvatore went on to tell me about his cycling accident. After taking a fall, he needed a plate and nine screws in his arm and was unconscious for two days. Needless to say, that ended his cycling days, but he was quite impressed that I had come all the way from St. Catharines. He punched it up on his phone and said, “It must have been about 30 miles.” He wasn’t far off. According to my handheld GPS, it was 30.2. My total mileage on the day was 62.0, marking my longest outing in over four years.

4. So fix the road. Why do they need a sign?

5. While in the McDonald’s in Grand Island, a portly dude from A & L Moving in Amherst walked in and figured he’d give this healthy eating thing a try by ordering a salad. Except that he spread some dark orange guck all over it. Guck that kind of defeats the purpose of why he ordered the salad in the first place.

6. Just like the case the last time I visited a McDonald’s in the Great State, I made sure to use a plastic straw. Just to trigger any liberals who may have been there.

7. This just in. Electrical cords and water don’t mix very well.

8. I thought this reflective paddle was a clever idea for would-be passengers who need to catch the bus after dark given the absence of street lights on Grand Island Boulevard:

8a. Why there are no street lights on Grand Island Boulevard, a busy highway that stretches the length of the island, is a question I cannot answer.

9. Pay to use the washroom unless you’re “dinning” there:

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