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April Fool Carbon Tax Protest

April 1, 2024

Amid the toughest economic times we’ve seen in a generation, there’s something so oddly fitting about Justin Trudeau’s decision to pick April Fool’s Day as the time to hammer Canadians with another tax increase. He says paying this tax to him is the only way to save the planet from an apocalyptic meltdown and also makes us wealthier. Canadians aren’t buying the scam otherwise known as the carbon tax and are instead taking to the streets. Just like they did here in St. Catharines at the Lake Street overpass.

A vocal bunch came prepared with signs . . .



Many honked their horns as they passed by . . .




Naturally, there was one who stopped in the middle of traffic to unload a stream of profanity. As one guy said, “I guess he likes being taxed. Go figure.”

Not that I was terribly surprised, but I found it noteworthy that no CPC candidate was there. What was once the Conservative Party of Canada has become the Centrist Party of Canada. With all the dirty dealings going on here in Niagara with Doug Ford Liberal candidates being nominated appointed for the CPC, one has to wonder if Pierre Poilievre really will axe the tax upon becoming prime minister or if he’s going to turn into Doug Ford 2.0. Time will tell.

But in the meantime, there were plenty of us on hand to tell Trudeau what he can do with his carbon tax. Even if the event wasn’t sanctioned by the official opposition.

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