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A Tale of Two Liberals

March 20, 2024

The battle lines have clearly been drawn in the race to become the CPC nominee for the St. Catharines riding.

In one corner, there is Peter Secord, the most experienced candidate and the one who has the biggest name locally. He was someone who I might have thrown my support behind. That is, until he began soliciting endorsements from Doug Ford Liberals. You know, the so-called “conservative” party whose leader rode his brother’s coattails into office, only to backtrack on every single major item he campaigned on. The same leader who locked us down and segregated us. Open for business, indeed. And the same leader who has become bosom buddies with Justin Trudeau, the man we’re desperately trying to get rid of. What a great job he’s doing, Ford said.

My suggestion on Secord’s Facebook page that this might not be the best way to attract support from conservatives drew a visceral reaction from someone on his campaign team. “Who the hell are the Doug Ford Liberals?” he asked.

And a good day to you too.

No doubt Secord and his team are counting on us forgetting just how badly Ford betrayed his conservative base. How he’s become pretty much indistinguishable from the far-left premier he replaced. And how cozy he’s become with our mortal enemy.

So what about Secord’s chief rival, Hayden Lawrence? The “young kid” Secord’s team “doesn’t like.”

Sadly, a little online research yields equally depressing results.

Lawrence proudly boasts of his time working for Ford and his party. He even touts being on Chris Bittle’s youth advisory council. Talk about sleeping with the enemy. He goes on to brag about having worked for those taxpayer games held in Niagara in 2022. An organization which was openly segregationist. Segregationists who aren’t any better than those who kicked Rosa Parks off the bus or snitched on Anne Frank. You couldn’t even volunteer for them without taking the death shot. The shot which has already killed millions around the globe and will be causing bloodshed for generations to come. Nearly every one of us knows someone personally who has fallen victim. Clearly, Lawrence miserably failed the morality test on this one.

To say the least, neither man is worthy of my support or my vote. And sadly, whoever comes out on top in this race, the big winner won’t be Secord or Lawrence.

It will be Bittle, as all it will do is drive the conservative vote to the PPC.

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