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The Same Old CPC

March 9, 2024

Since Pierre Poilievre has assumed the leadership of the federal Conservatives, much has changed, and thankfully, for the better. Gone are the days of Andrew Scheer and Erin O’Toole, leaders who campaigned as hard-line conservatives only to promptly do a hard left after getting the top job. Under their incredibly weak leadership, the party became Liberal-lite and offered little difference from the real Liberals. It is no wonder they kept losing even though they were going up against the most destructive and corrupt government in this country’s history.

Under Poilievre, there has been no more apologizing. Instead, he has gone on the offensive with both the Liberals and their friends in the Soviet state media. His style and common sense mantra has clearly resonated with voters as he is poised to gain a strong majority and completely annihilate both the Liberals and the NDP. That is, assuming there will be another federal election. With Justin Trudeau in power, one cannot even take that much for granted.

And yet other things haven’t changed within the party.

Take, for example, the recently concluded nomination process in Niagara Centre. The process that saw Fred Davies named as the new candidate, replacing Welland councilor Graham Speck. The same Fred Davies who ran for Doug Ford in the most recent provincial election. The same Doug Ford who’s been cozying up with Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland and slathering them with praise. The very same people we are desperately trying to defeat.

This is also the same Doug Ford who, despite his party’s name, has been anything but a conservative. He campaigned against former premier Kathleen Wynne’s controversial sex-ed program, yet, in the middle of his second majority term, it’s still on the books. He railed against Wynne’s lavish spending, yet he now makes her look like the second coming of Ebenezer Scrooge. “Open for Business” became the new slogan at the border crossings, all while he took ghoulish pleasure in locking us down during the war. And as Canadians rose in protest of the tyranny that had enveloped the nation, including the poison mandates, he proudly stood shoulder to shoulder with his lover-boy Justin in violently crushing dissent.

How Davies was even allowed to stand as a candidate is utterly baffling. One can only assume that the CPC’s vetting team was too busy enjoying some fun in the sun at a warm-weather destination.

It is no wonder why PPC leader Maxime Bernier keeps calling the CPC fake conservatives.

Because once again, he’s right.

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