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Dear Dean Allison

March 6, 2024

Dear Dean Allison:

We’ve never met, but as a former CPC member, I’ve seen you at a number of party events over the past few years, most notably at Lisa Raitt’s appearance at the Ramada in Jordan when she was running for the leadership. You remember that ill-fated Saturday morning, don’t you? When you had to rush in and hastily arrange a room for her that no one in her campaign bothered to do, despite inviting hundreds of would-be supporters from around Niagara to come and see her there? Talk about embarrassing. Bet you regret backing her now, don’t you? No doubt you’ll be a little more careful with your endorsements in the future. But I digress.

Anyway, even though I don’t follow you, one of your tweets came across my feed this week. In it, you said, “The government must be held accountable for what they did to folks during the pandemic.” I couldn’t agree more. But that accountability includes you and the rest of your party as much as it includes Justin Trudeau’s cabal.

It’s true you didn’t start the war. Nor did you introduce any of the illegal mandates that caused and continues to cause so much death and suffering among Canadians from coast to coast. But the silence from you and your party was deafening. There was not one dissenting voice in Parliament. In fact, your party’s then-leader called for the use of the Emergencies Act long before Justin invoked it. It was your party’s silence as much as Justin’s belligerence that made the Freedom Convoy necessary.

And even today, you continue to legitimize the war by still referring to it as a “pandemic.” There was never any pandemic. It was a war. A war of unprovoked naked aggression launched by our government against us with its sole objective being the extermination of its own citizens. And it was a war that was launched with your party’s tacit approval.

As it’s been said, the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. That’s exactly what you and the rest of your party did.


That makes you just as responsible for the consequences as Justin Trudeau. There’s just as much blood on your hands as there is on his.

No amount of revisionist history can change that.

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