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The Simple Minds of Dick and Jane

December 25, 2022

As more and more people keep dropping dead and with the rest of us finally waking up to the harsh reality that the government’s murderous war of aggression which they launched against us nearly three years ago was built upon a foundation of deception and lies, I am reminded of an encounter from last summer. On that Saturday morning, I walked downtown to reconnect with a group of friends whom I hadn’t seen since the outbreak of the war.

As loyal readers might expect, I was one of the first to arrive. Soon came one of my friends. Let’s call her Jane. We exchanged a few pleasantries. Then she suddenly jumped back.

“If you haven’t been vaccinated, get away from me!”

I nearly laughed out loud. I had had many pleasant conversations with Jane in the past and never got the impression that she was a stupid woman. Until then. Here was another sucker (the government loves suckers) who took the injections ostensibly to protect herself, yet was obviously unconvinced as to their efficacy as she was still frantically distancing herself from anyone who hadn’t.

Much as I wanted to respond, I was not there for a political discussion. I tried to hold my tongue. This was not the time or the place, I told myself. But as more members of the group continued to arrive, she went out of her way to say this to everyone. On and on she went. Telling everyone within earshot how proud she was of having practically jailed herself inside her apartment for the last year and a half. Just like the government told her to.

CBC: Constantly Bullshitting Canadians

I could stay silent no longer, especially when she quoted something she heard on CBC, Canada’s leading purveyor of state-sponsored propaganda. As if CBC was an authoritative news source. Naturally, this did not compute with her when I said as much. “Well, forget that it came from CBC,” she said. As if that would suddenly make what she or they said true. Then she nearly had a coronary when I dared to suggest the injections she had taken were experimental. This technology has been around for years, she said. The fact that it hadn’t gone through the same rigorous testing as other approved pharmaceutical products and was (and still is) being issued under emergency use authorization didn’t faze her one bit.

When I suggested that the government was a much bigger problem than any virus, she said, “I’m not worried about the government.” Clearly, Jane, a retired teacher, had not taught too many history classes.

While poor Jane was still beside herself over the “experimental drug” comment, along came another friend. Let’s call him Dick. Dick and Jane proceeded to get into a lively discussion as to which brand of the juice they were on was best. Dick said that he had taken AZ for his first dose, followed by a shot of Moderna’s concoction. Jane, however, said that both of her shots were from Pfizer’s toxic brew. She pompously boasted that her combination was 85% effective, whereas the mixed dosage Dick got was only 83% effective.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing from supposedly intelligent people. Even then, this was laughable, and the passage of time has only made this exchange even more ridiculous. I only wish I had been recording the audio. It would have been priceless. Perhaps I could have sold it to a museum for a future display. Here, kids, listen to how stupid your parents were.

And yet, there’s still more.

Dick went on to lament that Doug Ford, President of the Soviet Republic of Ontario, was balking at implementing the so-called “vaccine passport” (something which Ford, sadly, later did bring in). When I said I was completely against the idea, he asked, “You apply for a passport to go to the U.S., what’s the difference?”

Sure, what’s the difference between filling out some paperwork, getting your picture taken and paying a nominal fee and getting shot up with an experimental drug known to cause serious and permanent life-altering side effects, including death? And a drug that carried and still carries a Health Canada warning label.

Then after challenging the morality and legality of such a thing, he looked me in the face and asked, “Seriously, what is the big deal?”

In other words, what is the big deal of giving the government the pseudo-legal authority to forcibly inject its citizens with a potentially lethal drug?

Like Jane, I had never got the impression that Dick was a stupid man. Until then.

At this point, I suspect few readers will be surprised to learn that I haven’t seen or heard from either Dick or Jane since.

I just hope they’re still alive. Even if they don’t say the same about me.

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