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Closure of the Library Hilton

November 24, 2021

For anyone who hasn’t ventured downtown St. Catharines lately (hey, why would you unless you’re a someone like me who likes taking pictures of bums and graffiti), the core’s most popular hotel has been shut down. Of course, I’m referring to the central branch of the St. Catharines Political Public Lavatory Library. Ever since our governments declared war on us (is there anyone left who still thinks this is about a virus?), the core’s many community residents bums have become increasingly drawn to the canopy at the library. Not only have they been camping out there, but they’ve been using it as a dumping ground and a public toilet. And, as many loyal readers are well aware, many of them have not been at all hesitant to express their artistic talent on the walls either. It had gotten to the point that there weren’t many spots left for them to vandalize.

But sadly, it has all come to an end. Because, over the past week, the city has installed a cage to lock out would-be overnight guests.



And to the city’s credit, they’ve started tackling all the graffiti, though I’m not sure they’ll ever be able to get rid of it completely. Same for the stained concrete near the windows. Two years worth of raw sewage won’t come out easily, if at all.

If only they had thought of doing something when this first started, however, it wouldn’t have become such a problem. Nor would they have had to put in such an eyesore that will probably do more to deter potential visitors than if they had left all the graffiti intact.

But far be it from me to question the infinite wisdom of our government.

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