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Canada’s Conservatives Rebrand Again

October 28, 2021

Ottawa/Gatineau – Following an unsuccessful 2021 election campaign, Canada’s Conservatives are rebranding once again as they attempt to appeal to more voters outside their traditional base.

Libervative Party of Canada

“Our new brand fits with the Party’s strategic vision as we transition to becoming Canada’s second liberal party,” said a gender-fluid spokesperson for the newly renamed Libervative Party of Canada. “The next obvious step is a full merger with the Liberals and the NDP to create one big party founded on the principles of socialism. It only makes sense, since we share many of the same core values and echo Justin Trudeau’s stances on carbon pricing and disregard for the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Our leader, Erin O’Toole, has always secretly admired Trudeau and all the great good he’s doing for this country.”

“We anticipate some resistance, of course, on all sides. Conservatives understand better than most that change is difficult,” added the spokesperson. “And though it will take time for our grassroots members to come around, we think they’ll come to see how it will benefit all Canadians from Etobicoke all the way to Scarborough.”

Neither the Liberals nor the NDP could be reached for comment.

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