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On the Road – Rap Music, Ghost Kitchens, Vacuum Therapy and More

May 24, 2021

Highlights and lowlights from a stroll on both sides of the escarpment:

1. “Saftey” first . . .

2. Ghosts need to eat too . . .

3. MB misses Raymond Sinclair . . .

4. Going down the escarpment on Merritt Street this morning was a bearded cyclist in his early 30s balancing an industrial-grade speaker in his lap with one hand while holding a microphone in the other, belting out what sounded like some sort of rap music as he picked up speed. And no, he didn’t have any extra hands for the handlebars. I should have turned around to follow him so I could witness the inevitable accident that surely followed.

5. Not far from this scene was a guy seated on the sidewalk facing his front door in obvious distress with his head buried in his hands. Possibly another victim of our government’s cruelty. There are certainly enough of them these days.

6. In case your vacuum needs some therapy . . .

7. While Highway 58 does run east-west through this part of Thorold, it is still signed north and south at all the approaches, including the one in the distance. Someone at MTO royally goofed on this one.

8. Later in the day, I spotted a group of three cyclists, one of whom had loud music blasting from some device attached to his handlebars. How considerate.

9. Along St. Paul Street, I spotted a community resident bum passed out on a bench with a bong at his feet. Yet though he is undoubtedly a regular consumer of illicit substances, he was wearing a mask, ostensibly to protect himself from a flu virus. Personally, I’d be much more concerned about the short- and long-term effects of the illicit substances, but to each his or her own.

10. I wouldn’t think a downtown rooftop would be the place one would find fame, but sometimes you just never know . . .

11. Can’t they at least spell the name of the city correctly?

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