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A Pre-Election Mailing

February 10, 2021

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I got an interesting piece of mail the other day. No, it wasn’t from another house flipper looking to capitalize on the artificially inflated real estate market in this part of the world.

It was from the Doug Ford Party.

Guess I’m still on file with them.

Interestingly, they still call themselves the Ontario PC Party. At least that’s what it said on their letterhead. I’m not sure why they keep bothering trying to keep up the charade that they’re conservative. Because they’re not. But there are gullible people out there who are easily fooled.

The letter came from Zachary Dykstra, the local riding association president. I’m actually shocked anyone would actually want to put their real name to such a thing. Being publicly associated with the Doug Ford Party right about now is, shall we say, not a very good career move.

He began by asking us to help him ensure our next DFP candidate fully understands the issues that are most important to us and our families. Blindly assuming a) we believe Ford cares about what we want and b) they can find someone to run under the Ford banner. Can you just imagine how much abuse the Ford candidates are going to get at the door next year? That is, if the Great Leader allows us to vote. Nothing should be taken for granted these days with respect to civil liberties.

He goes on to say, “But, my friend, I truly believe it would be impossible for Ontario to withstand the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic without the leadership of Doug Ford and our PC government.”

Excuse me? What Ontario is withstanding, barely, is the onslaught of Doug Ford and his gaggle of MPPs who are too cowardly to stand up to that bully. His government has created far more devastation than any virus possibly could.

Then he highlights Ford’s “accomplishments.” Such as the fact that 60,000 small businesses have benefited from rent relief programs. Never mind the fact that it was Ford who made those programs necessary for the businesses who are barely managing to keep their heads above water in spite of him. It’s like someone breaking your kneecaps, then expecting praise when he buys you a cane with the money he stole from you.

Here’s Zachary’s next winner:

“I’m comforted knowing we can count on Doug and his PC MPPs to put everyday Ontarians first. I’m sure you feel the same way.”

Yeah, right. No, young man, you and I are not on the same page on this one. And on election day, I think I’m going to be in the majority opinion.

Next, he makes a point about how much worse it would be under the NDP. To a point, he’s right. But it’s like being given the choice between Kim Il-sung and Ivan the Terrible. I don’t want either one. And I doubt the “we’re slightly less horrible than the NDP” theme is going to resonate with voters at election time.

I nearly burst out laughing when I read what he had to say next.

“. . . and the same NDP that would, if given the chance, poison Ontario’s post-COVID economic recovery with their radical, anti-business agenda.”

Seriously, has there been a more radical, anti-business premier in this nation’s history than Doug “Closed for Business” Ford?

In the next part of his letter, he brags about how the DFP candidate came within 1,558 votes of winning last time around. As if that was something to be proud of. The seat would and should have been won easily if the candidate had done a little more than sit on her behind and parrot Ford’s press clippings.

He expresses hope that they can make up that 1,558 vote gap. Frankly, I’d be shocked if they got 1,558 votes at all in the next election. Not just in St. Catharines, but across the entire peninsula. Maybe even the entire province.

Near the end, he talks about doing our part to ensure Ontario’s economic recovery is left in the hands of Doug Ford and his fiscally responsible PC team. Fiscally responsible? Who’s he trying to kid? Ford’s government has made Kathleen “Spend us into the poor house” Wynne look like a good money manager.

Finally, he enclosed a form looking for money.

Good luck, kid.

You’re going to need it.

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