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Random Thoughts – Dale Hawerchuk, NHL Playoffs, CPC Leadership and More

August 19, 2020

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1. Fans of the real Jets like me are mourning the premature loss of Dale Hawerchuk, who passed away of stomach cancer at the tender age of 57. Despite how much he did for the team and all the goals he scored, perhaps my most vivid memory of him was the scene in Calgary after Jamie Macoun laid him out with a vicious cross-check. We felt his pain as much as he did that night.

Years ago, I also had the interesting experience of sitting behind him watching him coach the Barrie Colts against the IceDogs here in St. Catharines. He had a real intensity I’m not sure of a lot of us fans really were really aware of, and I suspect, had he lived and wanted to pursue coaching at the next level, he’d have made it to the NHL and would have been very successful.

The news of his death was quite a shock to many of us, and my condolences to his family, friends and ex-teammates.

2. Disgusted by all the political messages being rammed down our throat at every turn these days, this former Center Ice subscriber isn’t among those watching the NHL playoffs, as even Gary Bettman is now bending the knee to the radical leftist mob. So much for “People don’t go to games to be protested to,” eh Gary?

3. Anyone outside of Manitoba and Saskatchewan care if the CFL ever comes back? Ask anyone about the CFL in these parts and the most likely answer you’ll get is a blank stare.

4. Whatever happens with the CPC leadership race, I'm looking forward to the end of the campaign and the flood of emails from candidates that have been filling my inbox.

5. If you’re a party member and haven’t voted yet, you have a choice between three conservatives and one liberal. Please choose one of the conservatives.

5a. If Peter MacKay wins (perish the thought!), no one will be happier than Justin Trudeau. And Maxime Bernier to a lesser degree.

6. Spotted outside a church in downtown St. Catharines today was some dude doing a bunch of weird gyrations in front of a window, stopping periodically to look inside. He sure wasn’t a member of the congregation nor was he of stable mind.

7. Also in the colorful downtown was one of the library’s community residents bums who got up from a bench and stormed over to the bin, where he angrily threw in a paper bag, staring at me every step of the way there. Did he think I was the garbage police?

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