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Around Town – Garbage Day, Graduation Signs, Beachfront Loving and More

June 30, 2020

Highlights and lowlights from another stroll around town:

1. Based on the piles left out at the curb, Coke remains the carbonated beverage of choice around these parts, but one house was Pepsi all the way, so much so that their entire blue bucket was full of Pepsi cans.

2. Next time you wonder why cases of diabetes are on the rise, just take a walk around your neighborhood on garbage day and marvel at the number of soft drink cans people go through.

3. There are a lot of people facing hard times these days. The manufacturers of take-out pizza boxes are not among them.

4. The family that tried the big jug of coconut water is undoubtedly sorry.

5. I hope the people in the household who went through a family-size box of Raisin Bran are now feeling more regular.

6. School boards, colleges and universities are always whining about not getting enough funding, yet there’s plenty of money to cover the city in those silly graduation signs. Hey look at me, my kid “graduated” from Grade Three!

7. There’s plenty of heavy machinery around Port Dalhousie these days . . .

8. Bright and early this morning, this young couple was out on the beach feeling each other up and making out, stopping only briefly as the woman took a swig from her water bottle before the guy was again reaching under her shirt. Get a room.

9. “Trxi” was here . . .

10. Going through Jaycee Park, I learned that a couple will be celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary on July 26. Like I really needed to know this.

11. Also in Jaycee Park was a woman with a “Fun Guy” T-shirt. Um, you’re not a guy. Even if it is the gender you’ve decided to identify with.

12. I’m sure it’s just apple juice . . .

13. Mmm, barbecued ass. Sounds tempting. Or not.

14. And a big “thanks you” to you too . . .

15. Again, just leave your garbage scattered all over the place . . .

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