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October 26, 2019

Highlights from another adventurous bus trip to and from Hamilton:

1. Spotted while waiting for the bus at Fairview Mall was a guy wearing a Kenora dinner jacket who was picking his nose.

2. On the QEW was a sign for Organized Crime Winery. I never knew the Liberals were in the wine business.

3. Only the many bumps on the street prevented the scruffy dude who boarded the Barton bus at Parkdale from passing out as we made our way west. He also needed to pull up his pants. I really didn’t need to see his hairy ass as he slowly ambled his way off the bus.

4. Speaking of retinal-searing moments, I spotted no less than three losers in the downtown area sporting Chipman memorabilia. Yuck!

5. Parking fail:


6. Off-color scenes in the downtown area:






7. Assorted graffiti:



8. Good luck enforcing this:

9. Presented without comment:

10. Do your job, Cecil . . .

11. I hope it’s at least secure FTP . . .

12. Some people just have too much time on their hands . . .

13. Did you just assume the sign’s gender?

14. Not a place I propose to patronize any time soon . . .

15. A mural featuring Tiger-Cat great and St. Catharines resident Angelo Mosca:

16. This astrologer and psychic must have had a great “eduvcation”:

17. Anyone who even thought about voting for Justin Trudeau should take the #33 bus:

17a. I was recently castigated by a Facebook friend who told me I should be open to other viewpoints. You know, I think he’s got a point. I really should be more tolerant of ethics violations, endless scandals and rampant corruption. Not to mention be more open-minded to the progressives who tell me that paying a tax to Justin Trudeau will save the planet and magically cure mental health problems and respiratory issues.

17b. My tolerance level for stupid people is rapidly evaporating.

18. Speaking of stupid . . .

19. In a familiar scene, this bum on the street who’s allegedly homeless and broke has money for smokes:

20. Good thing they put this sign ALL IN UPPER CASE . . .

21. I’m surprised such things are allowed anymore . . .

22. Must be a lot of Liberals who live on this street:

23. Better than bad convenience I suppose . . .

24. Always good to know that the house isn’t haunted . . .

25. Waiting at Nash and Barton on the return trip was a young kid with a cap bearing the slogan, “For use on head only.” Far too many people out there really do need be told.

26. One last look at the GO stop at Nash and Barton. For those who haven’t heard, effective November 2, the Stoney Creek stop will be at QEW and Centennial Parkway, site of the new Confederation GO station. It will mean a longer walk to catch the Barton bus, but no doubt the drivers on the #12 route are literally counting the minutes until they no longer have to make that crazy loop to get to the Nash and Barton stop.

27. I learned the following from the young woman seated behind me on the GO bus headed back to St. Catharines:

  • She has a favorite spot to go where she can smoke weed and other drugs
  • She has been jailed in Niagara Falls for selling drugs
  • She is claustrophobic
  • She used to do escorting and was a stripper
  • She, like, prefers hardwood floors to carpets, right?

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