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Thoughts on the Federal Election

October 22, 2019

1. Dear Canada: For the love of Pete™, how much more does that vile and evil dictator Justin Trudeau have to do before you throw him out of office?

2. Dear Andrew Scheer: Resign. Yesterday. Your Liberal-lite platform didn’t cut it. And if you can’t defeat Captain Blackface now, you never will. History has shown that you were the better choice over Maxime Bernier in the leadership race, but at least Bernier had the courage to stand up for his principles. You didn’t.

3. I am again reminded of the words of Patrick Brown, who, when running for the Ontario PC leadership in 2015, stated that when voters are given a choice between the original (Liberal) and a knockoff (Liberal-lite), they will always choose the original. Today, he looks like a prophet.

4. Locally, Krystina Waler certainly put in the effort despite the losing cause, but you have to wonder if the party needs a more forceful, dynamic figure carrying the banner next time around. As I’ve said before, sometimes people are too nice and polite for their own good.

5. I’m expecting that one of the top priorities of the new government will be to classify supporting the Conservatives as hate speech and prosecute all offenders accordingly.

6. One of the rare positives in the otherwise disastrous outcome came in my former home riding of Charleswood-St. James-Headingley, where Steven Fletcher, running under the PPC banner, was soundly defeated. Fletcher was a man I once respected before he began behaving like a petulant teenager as an MLA, and though I wish him well personally, I hope this defeat represents the end of his political career.

6a. Had I still been living there, I would have had serious reservations voting for victorious CPC candidate Marty Morantz, who, as a city councilor, was the finance guy for an NDP mayor.

7. I still don’t understand why Quebecers are allowed to vote in a Canadian federal election. We can’t vote in Quebec elections, so why should they be allowed to vote in ours?

8. Even if the results had been better, I will state openly for the record that I strongly dislike the British parliamentary system and far prefer one like the Americans have where you vote on the head of state separately in addition to two levels of representatives. Minority governments that, on average, lead to elections every couple of years, are for the birds.

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