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Dear St. Catharines CPC EDA

May 16, 2023

Dear St. Catharines CPC EDA:

Thank you so much for your letter that arrived in my mailbox this week. I couldn’t agree more that we need to flip this seat in order to help elect a Conservative majority government. And in order to do that, the party needs money. All political campaigns do. I get that. You don’t need to be bashful about the request by mixing it in with some useless survey.

But the problem here in St. Catharines is not money. At every EDA meeting I’ve attended here, I’m constantly told that the riding association is in good shape financially. In fact, you loan money to other riding associations.

One of the glaring problems is the lack of a good candidate. You apparently still have a candidate, but her name was conspicuously absent from the lengthy letter. Perhaps you too have come to that realization as well. As nice of a person as she is and as hard as she’s worked, she doesn’t have what it takes. You need a bulldog to stand up to a bully, not a shrinking violet. And I’m not even sure she’s a real conservative.

That last point brings me to another problem. The letter was signed by Zach Dykstra, Vice President of the EDA. Last I heard, Zach was also working for the Ontario PC Party Doug Ford Party. The party which has become the provincial arm of the federal Liberals we are working so hard to defeat. And sadly, he’s not alone. There are others in the EDA who are working for the enemy. Perhaps this party’s fortunes might improve locally if they had a united front of principled conservatives behind the scenes running the campaign instead of Liberals in drag.

The path to victory for the CPC in St. Catharines doesn’t go through my wallet.

It goes through the EDA.

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