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Saving Lives

March 8, 2023

While on Ontario Street this week, I spotted this interesting sign outside the Niagara EMS office:

Why is CPR now a high-demand skill?

Seemingly out of nowhere, CPR has become a high-demand skill. Defibrillators are much more common than they used to be. All because sudden, unexplained heart failure has become the new normal. Not just among pack-a-day smokers or those with congenital heart problems. Cardiac arrest is affecting previously perfectly healthy young adults and even children in record numbers. Athletes, in particular, are dropping like flies all over the world. The Damar Hamlin case is hardly unique.

You don’t need an M.D. after your name to see why. All you need is a functioning brain. It’s not coincidence. It’s not climate change. Or egg consumption. Or the flu. Or any of the other comical excuses concocted by the government and their friends in the mainstream media to feed to the gullible sheep who have their eyes and ears glued to the TV. It’s the poison injections they coerced the majority of the world’s population to take through an orchestrated campaign of lies and deception. The injections that are causing strokes, organ failures and myocarditis in addition to heart failure and destroying countless numbers of lives.

Here at home, the regional government and Niagara Health were on board with it all. They stoked fear with the best of them and pushed those injections good and hard. Like so many governments and health authorities around the globe, their hands are awash in the blood of their own people. No foreign enemy in any past war ever wrought such devastation on a population.

And now they want to encourage you to learn CPR. Because of the injections they strong-armed so many into taking.

It might save a life, they say.

But if it was about saving lives, they would never have pushed the shots in the first place.

No, it’s about making you think they care. And to try to make you forget the damage they’ve done. In effect, trying to get the genie back in the bottle.

But it’s too late.

The masses are waking up.

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