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Dear Erin O’Toole

September 21, 2021

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Dear Erin O’Toole:

Your opponent gave you a golden opportunity.

The most corrupt, self-absorbed leader this nation has ever known called an unnecessary election in the middle of a war solely for the purpose of seizing more power for himself. So many in this country want to be rid of this evil dictator and the division he has sowed throughout the land. There are even factions within his own party who want him gone. He was ripe for the picking.

And you still couldn’t beat him.

You tried, I’ll give you that. You gave it your all. But instead of standing on your party’s principles, you doubled down on Andrew Scheer’s Liberal-lite strategy. It didn’t work in 2019. And it didn’t work now.

Before and during the election, you pandered to the radical far-left voters who would never support you in a million years. Rather than focus on issues that matter to Canadians, you simply accepted the narrative dished out by the Liberals and their friends in the mainstream media and said your party could do better job of being Liberals than the Liberals themselves. In so doing, you completely alienated your voter base and did more to establish the PPC as a credible alternative for disenfranchised conservatives than Maxime Bernier could ever have hoped to do himself. Make no mistake, the purple wave will only continue to grow. And in the coming years, your party’s biggest challenge might be maintaining the status quo as more and more formerly staunch supporters continue to jump ship.

The only credible course of action for you to take right now is to resign.

And take your entire campaign team with you.


A bitter freedom-loving Canadian.

P.S.: I hope you or your replacement can find us a better candidate in St. Catharines. She has a calling in life, I’m sure. But running for office isn’t it.

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