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Pre-Election Thoughts

August 15, 2021

Thoughts on the upcoming federal election:

1. Decades ago, a long-lost ex-friend told me that Canadians have a history of punishing governments that trigger a premature election. I can only hope that remains true. And if it does, Justin Trudeau would hardly be the first politician in history to be done in by his own greed. But right about now, that’s about the only reason I have to be optimistic. The “conservatives,” having failed miserably with the Liberal-lite agenda championed by former leader Andrew Scheer, have instead doubled down on that front under new leader Erin O’Toole, who seems to think that the way to beat the radical left is to emulate them. Once again, playing not to lose instead of to win. All I can hope for is that more Canadians will be willing to buy into it this time because of an increasing undercurrent of anger at Captain Blackface. And perhaps that’s what O’Toole and his team of blue liberals is banking on. Voting to get rid of someone rather than voting for someone. The Canadian way.

2. Consider that, had O’Toole been truthful about his future intentions when campaigning for the leadership, the party would most certainly be led by either Leslyn Lewis or Derek Sloan. Now wouldn’t that have been more interesting.

3. As someone living in a swing riding, I am seriously torn. Do I vote with my conscience and cast my ballot in favor of the PPC or a Libertarian candidate? Or do I place a strategic vote for the blue liberals in order to help oust my uber-obnoxious red liberal MP? It’s a tough call.

4. My local blue liberal candidate, Krystina Waler, is a very nice person. I’ve met and spoken with her on a number of occasions. The party was clearly hoping she’d grow into the role. She hasn’t. I know it’s much too late, but she needs to be replaced. Right now, she’s doing more to ensure Chris Bittle’s re-election than anyone on his campaign team.

5. Despite being so meek, Waler might be able to sneak in if the NDP candidate can suck off enough votes from those on the radical left. And they do have a new candidate. Someone a tad more accomplished than Dennis Van Meer, who, as I observed last time around, reminded me of Norm at the Cheers bar.

6. I don’t recall a time when the establishment political parties were so out of touch with the average Canadian. And that includes the so-called “conservatives.”

7. After it is all said and done, one of Canada’s two largest political parties will be looking for a new leader. There’s no way Justin Trudeau would stay on as an opposition leader, and if he fails to secure a majority government, Erin O’Toole will be under immense pressure to step down, especially after having deceived the members during his campaign for the leadership.

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