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Around Town – “Bermda” Triangle, Passing the Bar, Street Urchins and More

July 24, 2021

Highlights and lowlights from a stroll on both sides of the escarpment:

1. Get lost in the “Bermda” Triangle . . .

2. I have no explanation as to why a St. Catharines Transit bus on Bunting Road had its four-way flashers going long after it passed me this morning.

3. I can find better uses for $22 than for a haircut at the Merritton Barber Shop.

4. A couple of paramedics got out of an ambulance in downtown Thorold and were walking the streets marking off addresses of establishments. Whatever the purpose of this exercise was, is this not something administrative staff should be handling instead?

5. This undoubtedly screams “tax me” to a Liberal . . .

6. The familiar face of Jordan Maletta, the former IceDog who has gone into the real estate business after a couple of years of pro hockey. Real estate is one of the few thriving sectors of the economy these days, but on the other hand, it’s an awfully competitive business and given that agents are paid on commission, you never know where your next paycheck is coming from.

7. The new pedestrian/bike trail on the south side of St. David’s Road:


8. Progress on the new Niagara Taxpayers Arena:

8a. I know I’ve said it before, but why is there a Canada Summer Games and why must they be hosted here?

9. On South Drive was a guy walking in the middle of the street who was wearing a T-shirt with the slogan “I passed the bar . . . then I went back” on the back. No doubt he’s among many who view LCBO as an essential service.

10. There were the usual cast of characters at the library this morning. A couple of community residents bums were seated on a bench. One was busy with his phone. The other took off his mask to grab a puff of his cigarette.

This guy was off by himself in the bushes keeping an eye on his cart while lighting a cigarette of his own. And any of the three were likely candidates to have helped themselves to whatever was in the empty brown bag from LCBO on a nearby bench.

More garbage around the library, though this is good by recent standards. Perhaps it has something to do with the new garbage bin across the way that hopefully some of the community residents bums are using.

This dude was slowly bobbing his head up and down, as if in some kind of chemically induced trance. Yet he managed to get on his feet and mosey off on his own power when a couple of rent-a-cops showed up to shoo him away. What a job that must be. And the stories they could tell.

11. There was also some activity at the Big Bee on Queenston Street. A scruffy, yet oddly halfway normal looking dude was stopped on the sidewalk staring at the dumpster for several minutes before a car with dealer plates came by. He got in, then got out a block later and walked back toward the dumpster, exchanging something with a woman who lives nearby before turning around.

12. Not surprisingly, anyone looking to get into that Big Bee location has to bang on the doors in order to be let in. Whatever the clerks there are getting paid, it can’t be enough.

13. This dude with a straggly beard and long hair that went down to his waist decided to take off the lid and poke his head inside the black garbage bin. He reached inside, pulled out the goody bag, then stuck his head back inside and spent a minute or two shaking it back and forth while making some weird spitting noises. Following this display, he carefully laid down on the sidewalk and tried to get some shut-eye while shaking different body parts seemingly at random.

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