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On the Road – School Bus Drivers, Winter Wear, Drive-Up Washroom and More

March 4, 2021

Highlights and lowlights from a 34.6-mile two-wheeled trek to the Falls:

1. It was so considerate of the school bus driver on Mountain Road to keep traffic waiting in both directions while the child that was being picked up, long since safely on the bus, continued his conversation with his mother. Same for the driver of the school bus on Thorold Stone Road who sat at a railroad crossing for an eternity with no children or train around, seemingly taking great pleasure in causing a lengthy backup of cars before taking off like a jet.

1a. If you haven’t guessed, school bus drivers are one of my pet peeves. Not all of them, mind you. But those who act like the king of the road. Just because they can.

2. Free roadside goodies:


3. Spotted on the Haulage Road Trail was a guy wearing only a short-sleeved T-shirt even though it was just over the freezing mark with a bit of a wind. And elsewhere on my travels, I spotted two convertibles with their tops down. Yet there were others bundled up in fur-lined parkas. You see opposite extremes here in winter, where people seemingly don’t know how to react when it gets cold.

4. Spotted on Stanley Avenue was someone of unknown gender sporting dirty orange hair and wearing way too much mascara.

5. One has to wonder why places like Coco’s on Murray Street and the Bird Kingdom blast loud music early in the morning when there’s no one around, particularly in light of the fact that the Falls has pretty much become a ghost town thanks to our Great Leader. But at least they’ve stopped blasting music along Queen Street through the empty downtown area.

6. Something our governments haven’t exactly been showing us a lot of . . .

7. You know you’re not in Winnipeg anymore when you see someone madly running after a bus and the driver stops to wait for the guy rather than flooring it as soon as he gets to the front door.

8. You also know you’re not in Winnipeg anymore when you see bike repair stations like these that haven’t been vandalized:

9. I couldn’t agree more . . .

10. This shot kind of sums up downtown Niagara Falls:

11. Is the store nearly new or is the merchandise nearly new?

12. I’m guessing that Ryerson lost interest in doing any “innovating” downtown. Probably because there’s nothing downtown to innovate.

13. Now who says you can’t go out to eat anymore?

14. That means “evereybody” . . .

15. Whereas the rest of us have to walk down the path to get to the washroom, Niagara Parks employees can just drive up to the door. And no, the driver wasn’t doing any cleaning or maintenance. One set of rules for the privileged and one set of rules for the rest of us. Sound familiar?

16. Now how is anyone supposed to see this sign posted behind a pole? Or is that the point?

17. OK, so she’s not the most obese person I’ve ever seen, but people like this need to shop in the plus-sized section, not try to squeeze into something they got off a clearance table in the children’s section.

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