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Around Town – Slogan-Free Signage, Senior Center Ramblings, Street Art and More

February 17, 2020

Highlights from a little trip around town:

1. What’s this? A city sign without one of Mayor Sendzik’s slogans on it? Someone sure screwed up ...

2. In the space of just over a half an hour at the McDonald’s across from the Pen Center South St. Catharines Senior Center, I learned the following from the old farts seated nearby:

  • Some Indian reservation has been selling marijuana for years.
  • They really don’t like the excessive demonstrations after soccer players score goals.
  • The three-on-three overtime is the most exciting part of an NHL game.
  • The Leafs had a bad first period last night.
  • Auston Matthews should have been sitting in the press box last night because he just stands in one place and waits for a pass.
  • Channels 151 and 152 are blacked out for one of them.
  • The XFL isn’t too bad, though the players make a lot of mistakes. In one of the games they watched, #1 of the “red team,” who is the big star, was wide open but couldn’t haul in a pass.
  • They don’t like “artificial grass.”
  • The Leafs’ new backup goaltender is pretty good.
  • One of them knew a kid who tried out with the Falcons.
  • They don’t like the stunts at the recently held NHL All-Star Game.

On the opposite side, I listened to a couple of older guys a) say that Donald Trump doesn’t make boo-boos and b) lament the radical leftist elements of the Dumb-o-crats. OK, they called them Democrats, but I call them Dumb-o-crats. They went on to say that all the young voters are fawning over Bernie Sanders. By the way, one of those guys would later go into the washroom, do his business and not wash his hands, a filthy habit much more common in the Old Country.

3. Speaking of the washroom, it would be nice if the air coming from the hand dryers was warmer than the outside temperature.

4. Why, pray tell, does the city spend our money to fund senior centers when McDonald’s does it for them?

5. The young woman who was picking up a Skip the Dishes order had a heck of a time figuring out which end of the doors to push to get out of the place. I hope she’s better at driving.

6. Ever wonder why shops across the province are shut tight on Family Day but not on Remembrance Day?

7. New “street art” under the 406:


7a. The same police who will arrest and charge you for drawing graffiti will not lift a finger to stop domestic terrorism in this country. Welcome to Justin Trudeau’s Canada.

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