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Random Thoughts – A Failing League, Obsessive Virtue Signaling, IceDogs Way and More

July 16, 2019

1. Dear Randy Ambrosie: The minor league you preside over, a niche product at best, is riddled with problems, including, but not limited to:

  • The league has virtually no following east of Manitoba,
  • In addition to falling attendance figures around the league, the team in the country’s largest market is failing so badly that there are more people on any given Lakeshore West train that passes by BMO Field than there are in the stadium,
  • The Montreal franchise is a ward of the league and, unsurprisingly, prospective owners are dropping like flies,
  • The Winnipeg franchise, one that actually has a bit of a following in spite of how the team treats customers and taxpayers with utter contempt, is a ward of the government and has been ever since I can remember,
  • On the field, you have a head-hunter on the loose who you can’t seem to suspend.

Yet you remain more concerned with pushing left-wing politics and growing the game internationally. Just as I’ve heard it said about the Rapid Transit project in Winnipeg, it’s like building a pool in the back yard of your house when the foundation in cracking. Fix your problems at home first and leave the rest for a rainy day.

2. Dear Councilor Miller: The residents of your impoverished constituency would be much better served if you would devote your energies to helping to lift them out of their misery and despair instead of obsessive virtue signaling. FreeTaxpayer-funded tampons and rainbow-colored crosswalks aren’t going to put food on anyone’s tables.

2a. Memo to the rest of St. Catharines council: It’s OK to say no to Tampon Boy.

3. I am relieved that the new name for IceDogs Way isn’t going to be something really stupid, something I expected out of this radical, off-the-wall group of councilors. David S. Howes Way has a lot better ring to it than say:

  • Compassion Circle,
  • Truth and Reconciliation Row,
  • Diversity Drive,
  • Rainbow Road,
  • Inclusion Inlet,
  • All Gender Bay.

But I suppose it would be impossible to expect them to replicate this rare moment of sanity by asking them to focus on more pertinent issues concerning the Meridian Center such as requiring SMG to clean the seats, glass and railings in addition to stopping the security-themed shakedowns at the Rankin Gateway designed only to humiliate customers and maximize concession revenue.

4. Spotted at a bus stop was a woman wiping her nose with the cast she had on her arm and hand. Not the most sanitary thing to do in my opinion, but to each his or her own.

5. It’s no wonder there’s such an epidemic of diabetes and obesity when you see all the ice cream containers and pop bottles at the curb on garbage day.

6. The astute reader will know that the five-year anniversary of my defection from the SPRM is just around the corner. Packing up and leaving remains the best thing I’ve ever done and I remain grateful for the courage and conviction to carry it through.

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