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February 14, 2021

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It’s official.

Our Great Leader is in full damage-control mode.

On the heels of a recent mailing from my local riding, the Doug Ford Party (curiously still officially known as the Ontario PC Party) sent me a newsletter. For the Members was the title. And on the cover was an address from the Great Leader, who, in his eternal benevolence, is reportedly scaling back hostilities against his own people. How kind of him. Let us sing his praises.

“Over the past year, so many Ontarians were asked to make tough sacrifices, like time not spent with loved ones or delaying special celebrations,” he said. “Asked” is a kind way of putting it. Ordered is more like it. But there hasn’t been a politician anywhere in the world who has made any sacrifices, least of all Doug Ford. Nor has his finance minister been “asked” to make any sacrifices. I’m sure he had a great time enjoying fun in the sun with his family over the holidays. No doubt with Ford’s blessing.

“Together, we’ve faced these challenges head on. We’ve seen the best of each other,” he added. No, what we have seen is the worst of each other. How people have forgotten their history and now obey authority without question. And for sure, we’ve seen the absolute worst of our politicians. Led by Doug Ford.

A couple of pages later, I got a good laugh out of the section where they promote their online shop. I’m sure they’re doing a booming business with that these days. Who wouldn’t want to be seen sporting Doug Ford Party swag? I’m sure it’s especially popular with the millions they’ve put out of work.

In that section, they state “Ontario is fortunate to have the responsible leadership of Doug Ford and your PC team. And thanks in large part to your support, we’ve done more to put hard working people in Ontario first than any government in the history of this province.” Well, let’s just say, I don’t think there are too many Ontarians who feel “fortunate” to have Doug Ford as their premier right now. But they have put hard working Ontarians first. I’ll give them that. First in the unemployment line.

They also posted a financial update. “2020 was a difficult year for many,” they said, conveniently omitting the fact that it was Ford who made it so difficult. “That’s why we deliberately suspended all fundraising efforts for six months so as not to apply any additional pressure on our supporters,” they added. I think that was a wise move. Best not to try to ask for donations from the same people you’re screwing over. I doubt it would be well received.

They went on to state that they expect their bank loan balance to be reduced from $4.2 million to $2.9 million by the end of December 2020. The fact that they’re in the red at all, however, has to make the bank carrying that loan awfully nervous as I doubt they’re going to be flooded with donations any time soon. If ever.

Because, in the back of his mind, the Great Leader is becoming well aware that Ontarians are about to declare him and his party “non-essential.”

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