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The Cartel and You

September 21, 2023

Do you know the difference between the government and a drug cartel? The cartel doesn’t force you to take their drugs.

That was a line I heard some months ago, which I couldn’t help but be reminded of after the case involving a resident of a long-term care facility came to my attention.

It wasn’t long ago that Resident’s nurse made a specific point to call the family home to ask if Resident had taken the poison injections.

“No,” was the answer.

“Is that Resident’s choice?” the nurse countered.

“Yes. Is that a problem?”

“No. We have several (unpoisoned) residents.”

Hmmm, I thought. Haven’t we been told that over 99% of seniors have taken the injections? Especially those in long-term care. At best, that would make around 95% in Long-Term Care Home. Maybe less. But the government wouldn’t lie, would they?

Not long after this call, Long-Term Care Home reported an “outbreak.”

The timing seemed, well, suspicious.

Even more suspicious was that, the next day, Resident allegedly tested positive for Covid. Resident was not sick and otherwise showed no symptoms. In fact, aside from all the regular ailments that made long-term care necessary, Resident was feeling very good.

How very convenient, I thought. I also wondered what the odds were that every single other unpoisoned resident of Long-Term Care Home had also tested positive.

Following protocol, Resident was strictly confined to his/her room for at least 10 days. No visitors except for one Designated Essential Visitor. Even then, Designated Essential Visitor has to put on a gown and a mask. Because you don’t want to spread a virus so deadly that you have to be tested to know you have it. Resident was being treated worse than convicted serial killers locked up in maximum security. At least the cons get an hour of outdoor exercise every day.

At this point, you know where this story is going.

Once the unlawful confinement period has ended, there will undoubtedly be a parade of white coats waving syringes in Resident’s face. You need to take this shot. You don’t want this to happen again, do you? You might die without it. And we don’t want this virus spreading. You need to do it for the staff and all the other residents too. Don’t you care? Lathering on the same guilt trip that has left so many lives destroyed. By the time they’re done, they’ll have to send in an orderly to mop up all the crocodile tears.

Thankfully, Resident is strong-willed and will resist any such attempts to kill him/her. But not everyone is. Some will fall for it and pay the ultimate price for trusting those they should be running from.

That’s the level to which the Pfizer and Moderna drug cartels have infiltrated the government and the health care system.

Welcome to Colombia North.

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