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Random Thoughts – Reeling Campaigns, Leftist Doublespeak, Counterfeit Tickets and More

September 27, 2022

1. Once again, the freedom movement remains alive and well . . .

2. The Mat Siscoe Matler Sendzcoe campaign for mayor continues to spin around in circles. His “affordability” plan involves looking at double-dipping in the pockets of residents and implementing a tax deferral program for seniors. But nowhere does he mention putting a stop to frivolous spending. Such as Dawn Dodge’s pollinator gardens and his hare-brained idea of putting GPS trackers on snowplows. It is a plan typical of a tax-and-spend Liberal, a label he snickers at, yet does little to distance himself from. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck. Then he boasts about how he plans to make politicians more accessible. Days after he votes to push undesirables away from regional council meetings. For the second time.

To say the least, this voter is not impressed.

3. A volunteer from Haley Bateman’s team dropped a brochure in my mailbox a few days ago. “I am committed to making St. Catharines an inclusive and accessible place for us all,” she says.

Not surprisingly, however, “all” doesn’t mean “all” in the minds of radical leftists like Haley. This self-professed champion of inclusion and defender of public services doesn’t think you or your child have the right to attend a public school unless you obey the orders of the government and put your life in mortal danger.

Inclusive, indeed.

3a. I remain a staunch supporter of the Ontario Libertarian Party’s education voucher plan.

4. This odd pairing of signs is outside the house of the guy who corralled me for a 20-minute monologue a couple of weeks ago, lamenting not being able to bring his box of chocolates into a Tiger-Cats game. It is the equivalent of seeing signs for Justin Trudeau and Maxime Bernier on the same lawn. I knew something was a little off about that guy, and this just confirmed it.

But a good friend of mine saw this situation a little differently. Here’s what he had to say:

Must I teach you everything?
Mike Britton allows him to eat chocolate at Tiger-Cats games.
Haley Bateman wants the Tiger-Cats to allow women to play.
What’s better than eating chocolates while watching lesbians bash into each other?
It’s a no brainer. . .

Can’t argue with him.

5. The scourge of mobile ticketing has spread like wildfire throughout the sports world, including the CFL. One of the official reasons they quote is that is reduces the risk of counterfeit tickets.

There are probably more players than “fans” at most Argos games and recently, the BC Lions drew a “crowd” of 19,000 in a stadium that holds 54,000.

It might be a different story with teams like the Leafs, but I think it’s safe to say there’s little market for counterfeit tickets in the CFL.

6. Recently, I got an invitation to participate in a transportation survey initiated by the province. So I bit. And this is what I was asked:

What possible difference does it make which of many made-up gender categories I fit into?

And why is the over-98 crowd singled out?

7. No, this sign isn’t real, but if Sal Sorrento really was running for town buffoon, he’d win in a landslide:

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