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“Indianapalis” is famous for more than the 500

Need any “fridg’s”?

Hot deal on a “plazma” TV

Please “realease” me

Early “closeing” times

Call to make any “inquires”

“Saftey” first!

Would you like “frys” with that?

Mr. “Potatoe” Head

Only for those who need to “acces” R.C. “Elimantor”

Shake, “rattl” and roll

Fresh “stip” fry

Heard about that “Flordia” deal?

Honor our veterans on “Rememberance” Day

Pick up some “pumpernikel” bread

Do “madarin” organges make you angry?

Mr. “Cristie”, you make good cookies

Some friendships can be long-“lastnig”

Very “proffessional” indeed

Reinventing the “weel”