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Tasty “pickeral”

For their health, “smkers” need to be “succesful” when they try to quit

Can’t beat their “conveniece”

Don’t miss your “interveiw”

Calling all “manicurests”

Enjoy the “karaokee”

Great deal on “Peaks” Freans cookies

It’s tough for kids starting “Kindergarden”

It’s important to keep up your “fitnes”

While “quanities” last

Try the other “enterance”

Available most “eveninigs”

Feel “rejuvinated”

Get trusted “morgage” advice

Fresh “oreagno”

Fun in the sun in the “Caribean”

Authorized “personal” only

Check out this “bunglow”

A “lepard” doesn’t change his spots

“Graineries” for sale