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“Peppronie” or “chees”?

In “stroe” now

Check out the childrens’ “musuem”

Have a hail “cliam”?

Call now to get your child into this “nursury” program

Spring into “summr”

Or spring into “summeer”

Discounts for all military “personal”

The ultimate “sacrefice”

Enjoy your “retirment,” Mrs. Clark

Smoking “cigarets” is bad for you

It’s important to show your “appriciation” to your customers

A great way to thank your “sponsers”

But no spelling “experiance” required

The only way to ensure top “preformance”

For those looking for organic “tomatoe” plants

We all need our “protien”

Get your “iceburg” lettuce

Comes with a lifetime “guanantee”

Fresh “pickeral”