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Spelling isn’t a top priority at this “Cathocil” “elemetanry” school

Never underestimate the value of “expeirence”

Only five “remaning”

Under new “managment”

I.D. “requried”

Pick up a “souvenier”

Watch for falling “debrais”

“Deliverd” to your door

Pose for a “selfi”

Get your “calenders” here

Good deal on “Campbel’s” soup

Prime rib and beef “tendeloin”

Boats depart from the “Lewsiton” dock

Wonder if they have any dictionaries at the “libary”?

Stock up on “suppliments”

Help a “faimly” in need

The owners need “seperate” quarters

Take your “vechicle” in for servicing

For those who like “Mediterrean” food

Have your “cartidge” “reflled” here