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Grab a “cheesebuger”

Veggie or “chiken”?

Butter or “margerine“?

It’s tough when facing “elimantion”

Check out all the “venders”

“Strawberies” are yummy!

Fine “Japanesse” cuisine

“Asparagugs” is good for you

Serving the entire “penninsula”

“Tomatoe” plants for sale

Check out the daily “specail”

We need our “protien”

Go cruising “evrey” Wednesday

Keep your skates “shappened”

“Breafast” is the most important meal of the day

Tax “insluded”

Clean your car’s carpet with their “shapooer” and “fregranc” machine

Teach your “chlidren” well

For any insurance glass “glaims”

Open at 10 on “Wednseday”