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How about a “cornes” beef sandwich

Help finding “accomadations”

Visit Royalist “Jewelles”

Stop “prematrue” balding

Visit St. “Cathainres”

Still “avaialble”

Get off your “pedistal”

Eat your “vegatables”

Relax in the “jaccuzzi”

“Zuccinni” is good for you

Need any “storeage” space?

Good selection of “mattress’s”

Spend some quality time with your “famliy”

Stop “bulling”

Honor St. “Franics”

May I have your “attenion”

Enjoy a night out at the “teatre”

A new “begining”

Book your “apointment” today

How “in-convenient” that they don’t “axcept” “depit”