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Provincial Road 238
PR 238 runs south-north and follows historic River Road for most of its length, starting at the junction of PTH 9/PTH 27 and ending at the junction of PTH 44 in Lockport. PR 238 breaks away from River Road when it reaches the St. Andrews Locks in Lockport and turns west down Steven Avenue, then north to PTH 44. Click here to show the route.
The highway passes many historic sites along its route, including St. Andrews Rectory, a National Historic Site, and St. Andrews Church. It hugs the western shore of the Red River and provides a scenic view of both the river and the upscale homes along PR 204 (Henderson Highway) on the eastern shore. The speed limit is 50 km/h for its entire length and serves mostly residential traffic. Combined with the paved shoulders, it makes for an ideal cycling route and is used for many organized cycling events.
Southern Terminus: Junction of PTH 9/PTH 27 in the RM of St. Andrews.
Northern Terminus: Junction of PTH 44 in Lockport in the RM of St. Andrews.
Multiplexes: None.

Images of PR 238:

  • Page 1 - PTH 9/27 to St. Andrews Road
  • Page 2 - St. Andrews Road to Lockport

Detailed Route Guide

Municipality Distance (km)  
RM of St. Andrews 0.0 Junction of PTH 9/27.
RM of St. Andrews 0.8 Entrance Park.
RM of St. Andrews 2.7 Rest Area.
RM of St. Andrews 4.4 Scott House.
RM of St. Andrews 4.8 Twin Oaks historic marker.
RM of St. Andrews 6.2 Junction of PR 410/St. Andrews Road.
RM of St. Andrews 6.7 Captain Kennedy House.
RM of St. Andrews 8.9 River Road Heritage Parkway stone marker.
RM of St. Andrews
Village of Lockport
9.8 Intersection of Steven Avenue East.
RM of St. Andrews
Village of Lockport
10.3 Junction of PTH 44.

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