Winnipeg Jets Memorial Site

Frequently Asked Questions

A small collection of questions frequently asked about the Jets and this site.

Question Answer
How long has this site been here? This site has been around since mid-1998. I don't have an exact date, but it's an approximate time frame.
Are you a supporter of Mark Chipman's personal hockey team that he has dubbed the "Winnipeg Jets"? I have no interest in Mr. Chipman's team. Furthermore, I strongly oppose both his use of the moniker "Winnipeg Jets" as well as the use of tax money to subsidize his team.
Do you believe that Mark Chipman's team has a long-term future in Winnipeg? As the franchise is entirely a ward of the state, it will last only as long as the government has the ability and appetite to finance it.
What happened with the efforts to save the Jets back in 1995? Check the Efforts to Save the Jets section.
How can I contact you? Is the Contact link at left not obvious enough?
I want to check some Jets game results. Do you have them on your site? Check the Game Results section.
What's the story behind the Winnipeg White Out? Check the White Out feature.
What's the story behind Goals for Kids? Check the Goals for Kids feature.
Why are you running this site? I am not an advocate of the return of an NHL team. I have developed and maintained this site solely as a memorial to the Winnipeg Jets of the WHA and NHL that existed between 1972 and 1996.
I want some information on a Jets player. Do you have anything on individual players? Check the Players section for a searchable database for every player that suited up for the Jets.
What sort of media attention has your site received? I have been quoted in print and have appeared on both television and radio. I do not seek or desire media attention, but I will provide my opinions when asked.
Do you have a look back at the Jets history on the site? Check out the History feature for a brief rundown, and you can also check the Season Recaps feature for a more detailed look at each of the 24 seasons the Jets played.
I know someone who played for the junior Jets? Why isn't he in your database? This site covers the Jets from 1972-1996 when they were members of the WHA, then later the NHL. I do not cover the junior Jets at all on this site.
I noticed that you don't list the Jets win over the Soviet National Team among the "Top 10 Games in Jets History". Why? Though that game did have a lot of historical significance, it did not count in the standings. I believe that games that count have more value than those that don't.
What did the Jets uniforms look like? Check the Uniform History feature.
I'm looking for a history of jersey numbers worn by Jets players. Where can I find it? Check the Jersey Numbers feature.
I'm looking for a player who was in the Jets organization, but he isn't in your database. Why? I only list players who actually played for the Jets in the WHA or NHL. To be eligible, he would have to have played at least one game as a Jet.
When did the Jets play their first game? The Jets played their first game on October 12, 1972 at Madison Square Garden against the New York Raiders.
When did the Jets first get their franchise? The franchise was awarded on September 13, 1971 for a fee of $25,000.
I want some information on an old Jets record, such as who played the most games or who scored the most goals. Can you help? Check the Statistics section.
Who owns the Jets logo? I believe that the logo is the property of the NHL and/or the Arizona Screaming Weasels.
Why was this team called the "Jets"? The name was simply carried forward from the Western Canada Hockey League's Winnipeg Jets, a junior team, and also owned by Jets founder Ben Hatskin. Hatskin had been an admirer of the New York Jets, so he decided to use their moniker for his hockey teams.