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Enjoy your “mussells”

Join the “celebartion”

Check out this “bunalow”

Yum, yum. “Spagetti” and meatballs

Don’t park there on “Saturaday”

No “runing”

Another Mr. “Potatoe” Head

Check the bargains at this “garaga” sale

Pick up some “pickeral” fillets

Membership has its “priviledges”

Save on “instillation”

George Bush hates “brocolli”

Protect your “valueables”

Congratulations on your “aniverseray”

How many “box’s” would you like?

Those look like nice “potato’s”

Not sure I’d trust the advice of this “counsal”

Merry “Chirstmas”

Keep your “furance” tuned up

Some of those flower “arrangments” are so pretty