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“Pointsettas” are so popular around the holidays

Gift cards now “availiable”

Don’t worry, there’s no “inconvience”

Totally “awsome”

All those salesmen work on “commision”

How “insirational”

Do you like “chesseburgers”?

Use the “seperate” entrance

That’s quite a “discout”

Receive a “complimentay” manicure

No “enorllment” fee

It’s still wrong “evrey” time you go in

Spicy “wnigs”

Not a “barrior”-free environment

I prefer mornings to “aeternoons”

I expect better out of our elected “representives”

How “acccurate”

Now “hireing”

My guess is that they didn’t “fair” well

Enjoy some “buble” tea