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I-29 serves as the southern part of the primary ground transportation link between Winnipeg, Manitoba and the U.S.A. and is used heavily by truckers and weekend shoppers travelling from Winnipeg to Grand Forks and/or Fargo. The speed limit is 75 mph with the exceptions of a reduced speed zone through Fargo. It passes almost exclusively through flat farmland, where the only hazard is smoke from the two Crystal Sugar plants alongside the highway north of both Drayton and Hillsboro. “Fog Area” signs are present to warn travellers of the potential danger, though the smell often acts as a much more early and effective warning system. Click here to show the route.
Prior to the construction of the highway, the portion of the route between the Canada/US border and Fargo was originally designated as I-31, but it was changed to match with I-29 farther south. Through the state, I-29 mostly follows the route of US 81 with the exception a 51-mile stretch between Joliette and Manvel, where it follows the path of the former ND 44. Today, the only official remains of ND 44 are in Drayton, though portions of the old highway remain in use east of I-29.
Northern Terminus: Canada/US border north of Pembina.
Southern Entrance: South Dakota boundary 8 miles south of Hankinson in Richland County.
Multiplexes: US 81 follows I-29 through the state with the exception of a 51-mile stretch between ND 5 south of Joliette and the town of Manvel, just north of Grand Forks.

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