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Metro Route 42
Route 42 passes through the entire length of Winnipeg from north to south. Through the downtown area, it runs on different streets depending on direction, but its primary roads are Henderson Highway to the north and Pembina Highway to the south, where it is paired with PTH 75. Route 42 is the only Metro Route to be signed outside the Perimeter Highway, as it continues into the suburb of St. Norbert south of PTH 100. Click here to show the northbound route and here to show the southbound route.
Northern Terminus: Junction of PTH 101/PR 204 north of Winnipeg in the RM of East St. Paul.
Southern Terminus: Intersection of Pembina Highway and Turnbull Drive.

Images of Route 42:

  • Page 1 - PTH 101 to Chief Peguis Trail
  • Page 2 - Chief Peguis Trail to Disraeli Bridge
  • Page 3 - Disraeli Bridge to Osborne Junction


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