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Provincial Trunk Highway 75

PTH 75 serves as the northern part of the primary ground transportation link between Winnipeg and the U.S.A. and is used heavily by truckers and weekend shoppers travelling from Winnipeg to Grand Forks and/or Fargo. It is divided and twinned for most of its length and, outside of Winnipeg, the only low-speed zones are in the towns of Morris and Emerson. Click here to show the route.
When the trunk highway system was being developed in January 1924, this route was numbered as PTH 14, but was renumbered to PTH 75 between 1940 and 1955 to match US 75 in Minnesota. Ironically, since the closing of the Canadian border crossing at the eastern end of Emerson and the US border crossing near Noyes, MN, the two highways no longer intersect.
In 2012, the routing of PTH 75 was changed to follow the former PTH 29 directly to the US border. The former routing turned east just north of the US border and crossed the Red River into Emerson. That portion of the route is now part of PR 200.
Northern Terminus: Junction of Route 62 (Osborne Street) in Winnipeg.
Southern Terminus: US border at Emerson.

Images of PTH 75:

Time lapse video driving southbound on PTH 75 between Winnipeg and St. Jean Baptiste:

Detailed Route Guide

Municipality Distance (km)  
City of Winnipeg 0.0 Junction of Route 62/Osborne Street.
City of Winnipeg 0.1 Junction of Route 95/Corydon Avenue.
City of Winnipeg 1.2 Junction of Route 105/Grant Avenue.
City of Winnipeg 2.2 Junction of Route 70/Stafford Street.
City of Winnipeg 2.7 Junction of Route 125/Jubilee Avenue.
City of Winnipeg 3.9 Junction of PTH 3/Route 155/McGillivray Boulevard.
City of Winnipeg 6.4 Junction of Route 165/Bishop Grandin Boulevard.
City of Winnipeg 11.2 Junction of PTH 100.
City of Winnipeg 13.9 Intersection of Turnbull Drive. At this corner is the St. Norbert Provincial Heritage Park and Turnbull Drive leads to Courchaine Road and the gates for the Red River Floodway.
RM of Ritchot 17.9 Junction of PR 247.
RM of Ritchot 25.1 Junction of PR 210 near St. Adolphe.
RM of Ritchot 35.9 Junction of PR 305 near Ste. Agathe.
RM of Morris 50.2 Junction of PR 205.
RM of Morris 60.0 Junction of PR 330.
Town of Morris 63.4 Junction of PTH 23/Boyne Avenue.
Town of Morris 63.9 Junction of PTH 23/Montreal Avenue.
Town of Morris 65.1 Railway crossing.
RM of Montcalm 72.2 Junction of PR 246 near St. Jean Baptiste.
RM of Montcalm 82.1 Junction of PTH 14.
RM of Montcalm 89.0 Junction of PR 201 near Letellier.
RM of Montcalm 96.1 Junction of PR 421.
Town of Emerson 102.9 Junction of PR 243.
Town of Emerson 104.3 Junction of PR 200.
Town of Emerson 104.8 Canada/US border.

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