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PTH 17 is another of Manitoba's mixed-orientation highways, beginning at the junction of PTH 9 north of Petersfield, proceeding west to Teulon, where it continues north west through the communities of Inwood and Poplarfield on its way to Hodgson near its northern terminus.
The portion of the route north of Narcisse was part of PTH 7 in the late 1950's, connected by the present-day PR 231. Once PTH 7 was routed directly north from Fraserwood a few years later, the route was then redesignated as PTH 16. Following the reassignment of the number of PTH 16 for the Yellowhead Highway, the present-day route of PTH 17 was designated as PR 228.
The route's most famous stop is the Narcisse Snake Dens, located north of the hamlet of Narcisse, a world-renowned attraction that features thousands of garter snakes. The snakes are most active in the springtime when they emerge after the winter to perform their mating rituals. Click here to show the route.
Eastern Terminus: Junction of PTH 9 north of Petersfield.
Northern Terminus: Junction of PR 224 east of Hodgson.
Multiplexes: PR 229 follows PTH 17 for 3 miles near Inwood.

Images of PTH 17:

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