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PTH 14 runs east-west following Road 13N connecting PTH 3 between Morden and Winkler to PTH 75 between St. Jean Baptiste and Letellier. The route is twinned between PTH 3 and Winkler, then it reverts to a two-lane highway from Winkler to PTH 75. Click here to show the route.
At its eastern terminus, PTH 14 ends at PTH 75, a highway that was originally designated as PTH 14. Given the close proximity with the highway that used to bear its number, combined with the confusion created by the fact that Road 14N is only one mile north of PTH 14 makes the choice of number for this highway one of the worst in the entire province.
Eastern Terminus: Junction of PTH 75 between St. Jean Baptiste and Letellier.
Western Terminus: Junction of PTH 3 between Morden and Winkler.

Images of PTH 14:

  • Page 1 - PTH 75 to PTH 30/PR 332
  • Page 2 - PTH 30/PR 332 to Winkler
  • Page 3 - Winkler to PTH 3


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