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PTH 1 runs east-west across the entire length of the province, the only such highway to do so. It is also one of only two highways along with PTH 59 that pass through the City of Winnipeg.
The route is divided and twinned for most of its length and passes through Manitoba's two largest cities, Winnipeg and Brandon.
Within the City of Winnipeg, PTH 1 enters from the east on Fermor Avenue (Route 135), turning north on St. Anne's Road (Route 150) and St. Mary's Road (Route 52) before turning west on Broadway past the Manitoba Legislature. Broadway merges onto Portage Avenue (Route 85/Yellowhead Highway) west of downtown and PTH 1 continues west on Portage Avenue through the city.
The Yellowhead designation follows PTH 1 west from the corner of Broadway and Portage Avenue in the City of Winnipeg to west of Portage la Prairie where it follows north west along PTH 16.
Eastern Terminus: Ontario boundary 4 km east of West Hawk Lake in Whiteshell Provincial Park.
Western Terminus: Saskatchewan boundary 6 km west of Kirkella in the RM of Wallace.
Click here to show the route east of the Perimeter Highway, here to show the route within the Perimeter Highway and here to show the route west of the Perimeter Highway.

Images of PTH 1:

Ontario to Winnipeg
  • Page 1 - Ontario to West Hawk Lake
  • Page 2 - West Hawk Lake to Falcon Lake
  • Page 3 - Falcon Lake to East Braintree
  • Page 4 - East Braintree to Prawda
  • Page 5 - Prawda to Hadashville
  • Page 6 - Hadashville to Richer
  • Page 7 - Richer to Ste. Anne
  • Page 8 - Ste. Anne to Dufresne
  • Page 9 - Dufresne to Deacon's Corner
  • Page 10 - Deacon's Corner to Perimeter Highway
  • Page 11 - Perimeter Highway to Lagimodière Boulevard
  • Page 12 - Lagimodière Boulevard to St. Anne's Road
  • Page 13 - St. Anne's Road to Broadway
  • Page 14 - Broadway to Century Street
  • Page 15 - Century Street to Perimeter Highway
Winnipeg to Portage la Prairie
Portage la Prairie
  • Page 26 - PTH 1A East to PR 240
  • Page 27 - PR 240 to Yellowquill Trail
  • Page 28 - Yellowquill Trail to PTH 1A West
Portage la Prairie to Brandon
West of Brandon
  • Page 39 - Brandon to Grand Valley

Time-lapse video driving eastbound on PTH 1 between Winnipeg and Falcon Lake:

Time-lapse video driving westbound on PTH 1 between West Hawk Lake and Sandilands Provincial Forest:

Time-lapse video driving westbound on PTH 1 between Winnipeg and Portage la Prairie:

Time-lapse video driving eastbound on PTH 1 between Douglas (near Brandon) and Dacotah (near Winnipeg):



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